Keeping the Keepers IV

As detailed below, the forthcoming fourth report will include the results of a supplemental survey. 

With the launch of the original Keeping the Keepers report in 1998, the NALP Foundation made a long-term commitment to track comparable entry-level and lateral associate retention trends for the profession.  In 2003, Keeping the Keepers II for calendar years 1998-2003 was released, and Keeping the Keepers III was released in 2012, which covered 2006-2011.  Firms have found the information from the reports to be extremely helpful for benchmarking, strategic planning, budgeting, and reporting to firm management.

The fourth report in the Keepers series will highlight law firm associate hiring and attrition for calendar years 2012-2018, and for the first time, the report will include an analysis of various associate hiring and attrition trends over the past 10 years.  We have already begun coordinating and analyzing data submitted by more than 100 firms each year as part of the NALP Foundation's Annual Update on Associate Attrition studies.  This comprehensive set of data will assist you in gaining a more complete perspective on the many relevant factors related to hiring and retention of associates for the past 10 yeas.

As an added bonus, we will be including an important section to the Keepers report based on findings from an additional survey that we are asking law firms to complete.  This supplemental survey will help shed light on anticipated hiring of entry-level and lateral associates over the next 24 month as well as provide best practices and trends for tracking successful hires.  We welcome and encourage firms to take the survey even if they have not previously participated in our annual attrition studies.

**The survey will remain open through December 2, 2019.**

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