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The NALP Foundation is working to advance the profession's knowledge of diversity, professional development, ethics, organizational leadership, and management of legal personnel through cutting edge research projects and educational initiatives. This effort is made possible through the financial support of the world's leading law firms, law schools, corporations, and organizations, and through the involvement of many individuals in the development of programs, research studies and educational forums.

Opportunities to become involved in the work of the Foundation are abundant. You are invited to:

  • Share your perspectives
    All stakeholders in the legal community are invited to contact us in response to issues of importance in the legal community. Your perspectives are invaluable as we consider new outreach and educational initiatives.
  • Offer ideas for research
    The very best and most needed research projects evolve from the day-to-day experiences of law firm, law school and business leaders who identify Foundation research issues that impact law as a profession.
  • Respond to Surveys
    The participation of legal organizations and law schools in Foundation surveys is critical to ensure that the findings of research are applicable and reliable. You can encourage the principals of your organization to take the time to complete NALP Foundation surveys and in doing so, contribute to a growing knowledge base about law and legal careers.
  • Volunteer for a focus group
    From time to time, the Foundation undertakes small-scale research projects through interaction with members of focus groups. When invited, please take time to participate, and if you are interested in volunteering, please contact us.
  • Participate in programming
    Foundation programs for law leaders, including breakfast briefings, luncheon meetings, summits, symposia and other forums are designed to provide essential information for those who lead legal organizations and/or manage lawyer personnel. Whether the program is one hour, one day or longer in length, the information you receive will be of value.
  • Become a Financial Supporter
    The work of the Foundation needs and deserves the participation of all stakeholders in the profession. Whether your organization is large or small, contributing to the important work of the Foundation is an opportunity to affect the future - a responsibility of great importance.

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Partner With Us
Opportunities to become involved in the work of the Foundation are abundant.
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